Double Glazed Conservatories A complement to any home
We can advise you on what we believe is best for your home or work with any ideas that you may have. Our individual design service means that you can see how your conservatory will look before it is built, allowing you to make any final alterations and additions.
Plan of conservatory - top view
Plan of conservatory - side view
2 dimensional drawing of conservatory
The plans will be left with you after completion, enabling you to provide them to any prospective buyers, should you decide to sell your home in the future. These drawings also provide details of the footings laid down, which meet all building regulations.

The real beauty of a conservatory is that it's a room which is part home, part garden. On a summer's day with the doors open& the heady smell of flowers in the air, the conservatory is simply an extension to the garden. On less clement days, it's a cosy & comfortable haven in which to enjoy the outdoors whilst the wind & rain are firmly excluded.
Trickle ventilation system
Summer or winter ventilation is vital. Our roofing systems have a high security "trickle vent" which allows a constant air flow even while you are away from home. It's so discreet you wont know it is there.
With its pre-set thermostat, ridgeflow controls the internal temperature automatically without compromising security.
Ventilation system
Roof vent
Fully welded reinforced PVCu roof vents can be supplied with manual or electric openers, thermostats, rain sensors & remote control.
One complete unit, controlling the roof vent operation via a thermostats or rain sensor. It can also control any fans & lights within the conservatory..
Control panel
Ceiling fan with lights
A range of quality fans enhance the conservatory and provide gentle air movement & ventilation.

Whatever the shape or style of your home, we can design the conservatory to match and to fulfil your dreams. The wide choice of colours & finishes available puts you in control of the appearance of your finished room. Whether viewed from inside or out, the conservatory will be an attractive environment in which to entertain or just simply relax in comfort.
Decorative Pilaster
Decorative mouldings
The bold lines of the decorative Pilaster follows classical themes, enhancing the Victorian conservatory of your choice.
Dentil Mouldings are a simple add-on to embellish the classical Victorian appearance.
Decorative Crestings & Finials
Choose from a range of decorative Crestings & Finials to give that touch of individuality.
Your conservatory roof is constructed from high strength aluminium profiles to carry all snow and wind loads. The interior & exterior of your conservatory is decoratively capped and thermally clad with PVCu. This means minimal maintenance, beyond an annual wash down with soapy water and the clearing of leaves from the gutter, nothing else is required. There's no rot, rust or fading and no touching up.
Polycarbonate glazing material is strong & shatterproof. The sheets cannot be removed from the roof without the use of a special tool to lift the glazing security bead.
Two main styles of conservatory are available, Victorian or Mediterranean.

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