Double Glazed - Security & Safety The essentials of a complete system

Recent times have seen a sharp increase in social crime - intrusion, theft and vandalism being at an all-time high. Whether night or day, the modern criminal finds it irrelevant - the professional house breaker will select his target, know what to expect and enter virtually at will. The amateur is generally more desperate, incautious and far more easily discouraged by security deterrents and precautions.
Make no mistake, there is no substitute for making your home as secure as possible in the first instance.
Our window, door and conservatory system does so much more than keep you warm and improve your property. It is fully engineered to meet the everyday occurrence of break-ins, severely limiting chances of successful intrusion over lesser specified windows.
A recent trend is for burglars not to be deterred by sophisticated alarm systems
Every component is specified to be as secure as possible, from the innovative internal glazing system, making it virtually impossible to remove the glass from the outside, to the effective espagnolette, deadbolt and shootbolt locking.
With our system you can be as secure as secure can be.

For the highest levels of security, internal glazing is a must - it is one of the most effective intruder deterrents, being virtually impregnable using normal forced methods.
Ingeniously, but quite simply, the beading is fitted to the inside, unlike most windows where it is fitted to the outside.
By fitting to the inside, the glass cannot be removed from the outside which leaves the would be burglar with the option to either smash the window and risk attracting attention or simply admit defeat and walk away !
Break-in time is less than one minute with exterior beaded windows and very little noise is produced
Also, to reinforce this, the windows have a generous 70mm profile adding greatly to the system's overall strength and rigidity, bringing further integrity and security to any installation.
Some home insurance policies are discounted when double glazing is fitted
One third of burglaries involve breaking the glass to gain entry
Burglars do not give up easily but better locking systems and stronger frames make forced entry more difficult
Anti-intruder devices are abound on the window system. Multiple security points and features are provided to deter even the most persistent housebreaker.
These include: shootbolt, deadbolt and espagnolette locking, high security friction hinges and locking wedges.
In the UK, 30 home burglaries are committed every seven minutes
A major factor in preventive design in any window system is the hinge. No matter how substantial many appear to be be, their design is just not up to the rigorous attention of a professional housebreaker.
Our hinge is a benchmark for inherent strength, unfailing action , smooth operation and easy concealment

Door security is of the highest standard, using a multi-point system. This coupled with four powerful hinges and the choice of internal glazing, combines to make it one of the most comprehensively designed door systems available on the market today.
Peace of mind is not compensated for with an insurance policy
  • 9 point locking system
  • All locking keeps protected by laminated plates to prevent the locks from being jemmied open
  • 2 dogbolts secure hinge side of door into frame
  • Anti-lift pins stop hookbolts from being prised down and disengaged
  • Dogbolts uniquely secure under eurogroove for additional pullout resistance
  • Deadbolt includes hardened steel reinforcement resisting hacksaw attack
  • All locking keeps screwed into steel reinforcement


1~25mm throw solid brass hooks : The mighty locking hooks are made of forged brass & engage not only in to the frame but also lock behind the frame keep rail. This greatly hinders the pulling apart of the door from its frame.
2~Optimum security : Tested in accordance with DIN 18103 (burglar resistant doors) & approved by major UK insurance companies.
3~Compression adjustment in the keeps : Together with the specially tapered hook shape the compression adjustment in the keeps provides for low operating forces, allowing adjustment of the door during & after installation.
4~Continuous keep rail : Ensuring operating forces are equally distributed over the full length of the keep. Being continuous, it is easily fitted & enhances the rigidity of the frame.
5~Steel latch & deadbolt : Both the latch & 16mm throw deadbolt are made from nickel steel and provide the lock with the maximum strength in the centre of the door.
6~As above or find alarm system security costs
7~Secure locking mechanism : High load sintered metal gears help ensure a long service life. In the locked position the mechanism is blocked in two modes, the hookbolts are securely locked & cannot be forced back, either singularly or together. They can only be released by unlocking the cylinder with the appropriate key.
8~Easy key insertion : The mechanical construction of the security door locking system ensures that no internal pressure acts upon the cylinder cam in the locking position. It is, therefore, always easy to insert the key in the cylinder.